New to “The Work”?

How best to get started?

Reading “Loving What Is” or “I Need Your Love, Is that True?” is a great way to get started with your “work” experience.  Watching videos or listening to cd’s can help tremendously towards familiarizing yourself to the process. There is a Video/Audio Page on this site that you may go to and listen to “The Work” experience. Also, you can go to or and find endless videos there.

While you watch a video or listen to audio, look deeply for where the thought being facilitated rings true for you and answer the questions for yourself right along with what you are hearing.

If you cannot find where the thought being worked is true for you literally or otherwise, play around with it and come up with a version that fits for you.  For example if the person you are listening to is working a thought “I want Kathy to stop yelling at me.” and  you can not find anywhere currently or in your history that you wanted someone to stop yelling at you, then get creative and find the stressful thought that is there for you either currently or in the past such as, “I want Jim to stop yelling at the dog.” or if you need to stretch it further then do so, such as “I want Jim to stop smoking cigars.”  And then following along and answer for yourself as the facilitation is happening.

Feel free to contact me via email or phone to ask questions or schedule a session.  Also, you may look at my sessions page for instructions to access “The Work Helpline” to be facilitated by a Certified Facilitator on one stressful thought. Wishing you all the best in your discovery of “The Work” and how it can assist in the de-stressing and improvement of your life experience.