Marylynn Grimes has been a facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie for over 14 years. She is available for doing “The work” in person in the Albany, NY area and by phone or skype anywhere in the world.

Marylynn specializes in providing a loving and supportive container that allows for people to question their stressful thoughts, find their own answers and end suffering.  She believes that by doing our internal work we end the war within ourselves and ultimately end war in the world.

Her work is rooted in years of internal investigation and spiritual practice through the teachings of Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle,  Adyashanti, and Abraham Hicks. Marylynn has 20 years of counseling and social work experience, Certification for “The Work of Byron Katie”, The Hendricks Institute’s “Body Centered Psychotherapy”, and a massage certificate from the McKinnon Institute in California.

Most importantly, for the past twenty years Marylynn has done extensive internal work and this combined with spiritual practice has allowed her to go beyond the limitations of the conditioned mind and has ignited her passion to support others to do the same.

The Work, for me, is a pathway, a journey inward, a meditation. It allows seeing clearly what I am doing in any given situation and how suffering is born. Answering the four questions is an unraveling. When I truly answer them, it allows for the seeing of truth, seeing how I act, towards the world and myself, as I believe a particular thought. This sheer seeing opens a space, and rather than trying to get rid of the thoughts or to fix a situation, which never works anyway, the thoughts now have the potential to drop themselves . I love how more and more I can see in hindsight how many thoughts are no longer active.

I truly want to bring the best I have to the world and The Work has been my pathway that has opened up so much more in my life. Answering the four questions allows me to get out of my own way so that I can actually do this. My life has transformed in a way that I never imagined. I enjoy life and people so much more than I ever have, and I am kinder to others and myself. The war is ending within me and with that I stop bringing war to the world. I am here to support others to do the same. Please call me if you want to do the work.” ~ Marylynn

If you have questions about The Work of Byron Katie with Marylynn Grimes please call 518+928+5626

or e-mail byronkatiework [at]