Sessions & Groups

Individual, couple and group appointments available on Weekdays and Weekends.
Please inquire with Marylynn via phone, email, or skype to schedule your sessions:
skype address: fireoftruth

Individual and Couple Sessions Offered Via skype, phone or in person. 
Sessions usually consist of the client showing up with a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet filled out and Marylynn then facilitating the client on many of the concepts of the worksheet using the Four Questions and Turn-Arounds.  This allows for getting to the core of an issue very fast. The client may choose to spend the first part of the session being facilitated with filling out the worksheet or asking for Marylynn’s guidance with identifying stressful thoughts through other means.

Introductory Group Gathering 
These groups will be introductory in nature and vary in structure with an Inquiry Circle incorporated from time to time. With Marylynn’s guidance we will identify thoughts that routinely distress or disturb us. We will then apply “The Work” to our stressful thoughts as we look deeply at our projections onto the world and/or another person.

Inquiry Circle: Given Periodically with other groups
The Inquiry Circle is a great way to experience the power of inquiry in a group setting. We will choose a thought from a list of Universal Beliefs and then pair up to work on each belief for 3 minutes. The inside circle will facilitate those on the outside of the circle using a card with four questions and a turn-around. After three minutes and the ring of a timer, the outside circle will stand up and move one seat to the left. We will work the same thought with different people as we move around the circle and then choose another thought and start the process again. We will continue to work on these beliefs for an hour and then take the last few minutes for questions and/or to share what we discovered in this process.

Helpline: 15-30 minute sessions (on rare occasions the sessions may be longer)
Go to: and click on the Resources link under Community at the top of the page. Then go to the middle of the page under Do The Work Helpline and click on the “Click here” link. There is a schedule of times that experienced Facilitators are available  and contact information.

Cost for sessions: (sliding scale available)
Helpline sessions: free
Inquiry Circle: free
Bi-Monthly Group Gathering: donations accepted
1 hour individual: $75
1.5 hour individual: $110
2 hour individual: $150
1.5 hour couple: $150
2 hour couple: $200

 The purchase of 10 sessions gets you the tenth session free!

All the Resources you need for doing “The Work” on your own are free. Go to: click on the “Resources” link under Community at the top of the Home Page.


For your convenience use the button above to prepay for your session(s) using credit card or paypal.
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24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you have made an appointment and cannot keep it please cancel it at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time, otherwise, you will still be charged for the session. You can cancel it by calling Marylynn at 518.928.5626 or e-mailing  Please put “Session Cancellation” in the subject line.